Career Services: The connection between study and professional life

Our professional services will help you prepare for your career start and your future working life during your studies.
Students use their ZHAW access data to register with Career Services:


CV Database

Publish your CV on our CV Database and increase your chances of being contacted by companies.



Job Platform

Visit our Job Platform and check out current job postings from our corporate partners and other companies.




Find out more about the career workshops, seminars, warm-ups, and other events offered by ZHAW and companies.




Gain an impression of potential employers based on company profiles.



International Internships

Discover internship offers from international companies to help your career become more international. 



Career Counselling

At ZHAW, Career Services supports you in the transition from university to professional life by offering a wide range of career counselling services.



Sign up for video interview training to rehearse typical interview questions.

Online Assessment Training

Sign up for online assessment training to prepare for a real online assessment

Alumni Services

Alumni Services is the link between the current and former students of the SML and thus the first point of contact for networking topics.



CV- and LinkedIn Checks

We would be happy to check your CV or your current LinkedIn profile and give you suggestions on how to optimize them.

Career Services Office

Come along to have your CV checked and to learn more about career-related topics and our range of services.